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Zily Bites

ZilyBites was created with the vision of serving authentic, crave-able Brazilian delicacies to the San Antonio and the surrounding area. Brazilians are known for cooking food to perfection with the highest quality ingredients, that even goes for their sandwiches and munchies.


Much like tacos are to the Alamo city, coxinhas are to Brazilians. Found on every street corner, each location serves up their ideal version of this delicious foundational goodies.

We are not the typical Brazilian steakhouse, let us introduce you to some of our favorite everyday foods made with the highest quality ingredients for all our dishes to give it a perfectly authentic traditional Brazilian flavor.

What are Coxinhas? 

Coxinha (co-SHEEN-ya) is a popular Brazilian street food which is a boneless teardrop-shaped croquette containing chicken meat.  It is usually eaten as a snack or appetizer. These are one of the many everyday and celebratory foods you can find at ZilyBites.

Coxinha Brazilian Food

What are Pão de Queijos?

Don’t expect this treat to be like the cheesy bread we have here in the States where the cheese oozes out. The cheese is baked into the yucca flour bread, which makes for a magical texture and flavor that is truly amazing.

Pão de Queijos

What is Brazilain Gourmet Espresso?

Brazil is the largest producer of coffee beans in the world that boasts of darker roasts with a smooth, rich flavor. If you think we take our food seriously, then wait until you try our coffee.

coffee and flag